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This place is a one word definition of being “Classy”.
A delightful place with luscious food and aesthetic ambiance.
A huge place with approx.250 seating capacity followed by great hospitality…

Let me highlight the ambiance to begin with, as it is also equally important. Infact, “Atmosphere comes from guests, their conversations, the clinking of glasses and cutlery. It’s a very relaxed environment. A big vintage style entrance door is a show stopper, after looking at it you cannot pass without clicking pictures.
A showcase full of jars with some grains in it was eye catchy and also a novelty towards decoration.
When it comes to seating they have a good amount of space between them. If you have a large table in a dining room you want to make sure they’re away from others and try not to put small tables in with large ones because they’d just get overpowered. There are so many elements they have taken into mind.

It’s their food which is making them a leader in barbecue.
I had a buffet there and it was the most filling buffet I have ever had, as the quantity and quality was not comparable with any other restaurant.
There is a grill on your table, actually on every table so your barbecue doesn’t lose the freshness.
Let me start with starters.

Paani Puri= This is sort of a welcome snack you can say, although a part of buffet which gets served on your table. Quite delicious though.
Sev Puri= Accompanied with paani puri.

From here barbecue starts.

Fish= My favorite food is sea food, when I see food I eat them. This was a Vietnamese Basa. A fish in barbecue with little chili is the epitome of toothsome.

Cold Frozen Prawns= It was the name, however, they were appropriate and soft. Little juicy which was the highlight point.

Tandoori Chicken= Now barbecue without chicken tandoori is incomplete. Perfectly tenderized to suit your palate.

Mutton Seekh Kebab= This was delectable and covered with the juicy layer of mutton and pudina over it.

Chatpata Butta= WOW !!! finally I had corn after monsoon and it was delightful. Especially the bright yellow color which was giving the impression of super fresh and it was also a part of barbecue.

Hariyali Paneer = It was mixed with a green chili (a slight in barbecue) to give you the uniqueness of it with the fragrance of coal .

Honey Chili Pineapple= For the 1st time I tried pineapple in barbecue as a whole starter. Marinated in honey and chili to give you tangy taste.

Chukundari BeetRoot= Dark Red in color and off the scale starter with superbly tenderized is a must for everyone to try.

Malai Kali Mirch Kumbh= This is basically a mushroom. Marinated in kali mirch and malai and finished in barbecue.

Tandoori Shakarkand= Sweet Potato in barbecue..AWESOME!!.. Full of fiber and extremely delicious, makes this one as a must try starter.

Cajun Spiced Potato=Well, Cajun is a sauce which makes your potato doesn’t taste like potato. It’s a treat to your palate.

Makai Methi Tikka= Filled with veggies to give you a scrumptious taste.

Chili Garlic and Mint Chutney are good to go with the respective starters.

Lady Red= This was a Strawberry Mocktail, filled with tangy taste but more of a strawberry as there was lemon in it.

Pacific Blue= Okay.. I loved this name…. This was a soda based Litchi mocktail. Aesthetic is the word for their decoration.

Wish Grill== In a literal sense, it was a wish grill. So basically, you need to choose your ingredients for your grill. I choose non veg grill, in which I included :
Basa Fish
Chicken Ball
Technically, All of it as I wanted to taste every bit of it.
Accompanied by Hunan Sauce which is medium spicy.
Chef will grill this and will present you in rice/noodles as per your will. Grilled was proper and the taste was incredible.
This will blow your mind, in terms of taste. Brings them in a complete different league.
I assure you will not get something like this easily in Mumbai.

For the Main Course the list was never ending in their buffet.

Dal Bukhara= Simmered amazingly and finished in tandoor to give you that after taste in your throat and some coal fragrance to increase your cravenness.

Gosht Nihari Boti== I found this little spicy which was actually good for a nihari. Smooth greasy gravy with some pieces of mutton will definitely going to be on your hot list.

Fish in Pepper Garlic Sauce= Pieces of Basa Fish in it and pepper garlic combination with white color gravy was sufficient enough to give you that authenticity of sea food.

As I always say, there is always some appetite for desserts.

Firni= This dessert in kulhad is my all time favorite. Mixed with saffron and rice pudding. Not to forget
bright yellow color.

Gulab Jamun= Now I took couple of pieces as I am also very fond of them. So soft and so fresh. A complete mouth watering and toothsome dessert.

Cold Stone Ice Cream= Mixed with vanilla, pista, strawberry and orange syrup. So scrumptious and succulent it was. It’s their concept of cold stone where they prepare your ice cream.

Apart from all this, there were 6 bakery desserts which I could not try as I was so full. They do serve alcohol also.

Service staff will show you some bollywood performance right in the middle of the restaurant. What a performance !!!! I mean they are touching the heights of being hospitable. They really put some efforts to keep their guests entertaining.

Anil Singh was fantastic in service. Good knowledge of food and proactive.
Keep up the good work buddy…

Like all good things, my visit to this outlet came to an end.
May you always be surrounded with good food and great barbeque..


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